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Dive Into the New Age of Digital & Mobile Services

Our Services

Mobile Sub-Services APIs

A comprehensive suite of APIs and Enterprise solutions to enable Mobile Network and service providers enhance their Product Offerings and improve Mobile engagement with their customers.

Truthware’s solutions cut across multiple services including Mobile Gateways (SMS, USSD, IVR, Apps), Mobile Payments, Bank/Bulk SMS , ChatBots, Business Intelligence/Reporting and more.

Health Care

A suite of Electronic Health Records and Hospital Management software to help digitize hospitals and HMOs. With Truthware’s powerful digital platform, Health-Care Providers are able to gain great efficiency in Health Care Management and Financial Management in the Health-Care business. Truthware offers both In-House and Cloud-Based solutions for Health-Care Providers.

Enterprise Solutions

We provide consulting and implementation services to drive the digital transformation of organizations and develop customized software solutions to their specific needs. We also help large organizations manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.

Mobile Financial Services

Mobile Financial Services (MFS) is borne out of the convergence of lifestyle services to mobile phones. Truthware's robust MFS solutions help companies democratize their services to millions of Africans previous unable to access financial services.  Our dynamic user-journies always ensure are clients are one-step ahead of the competition.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We are experts in connecting different systems or software applications to create a more comprehensive and interconnected environment. This can involve connecting various internal systems within an organization or integrating with external systems such as those of partners, customers, or suppliers.

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